Our 2014-2015 Executive Committee members and responsibilities are listed below.

President: Nicolette Szy -
The President runs all the General and Board Meetings, oversees the Board, and acts as a spokesperson for Early Childhood PTA.

Vice Presidents: Lauren Negrey(Programs) and Sarah Zikes(Parties)
The Vice President of Programs arranges speakers or programs for all General Meetings. The Vice President of Parties organizes the Board picnic, the Holiday Social and the Spring Banquet.

Treasurer:Jennifer Barnes
The treasurer handles all financial matters.

Secretary:Mara Broderick
The secretary records the minutes at the General and Board meetings.

Council Delegates: Colleen Pallette, Katie Galla, Lindsay Barbicas, Laura Smith
The council delegates attend five PTA Council meetings and report back to Preschool PTA. They also serve on PTA Council committees.