The RRECPTA is instrumental for development of preschool age children and their families in the Rocky River community. We organize various educations and social programs geared toward preschool and kindergarten readiness.


Rocky River Early Childhood PTA is a friendly group of 200+ area families of children, birth through age Kindergarten, who provide fun, educational and social opportunities for our children and families. While the group is mostly made up of Rocky River parents, expectant parents and non-Rocky River residents are welcome to join! We are proud to have been part of the Rocky River, Ohio community for more than 50 years.

Membership entitles you and your family to participate in a number of membership sponsored events, including children's field trips, playgroups, family parties, adult wellness events, educational speakers at our meetings, and much more (all organized and run by our membership). Our members may participate in any or all activities we offer during the year.

We hold monthly meetings throughout the year starting in September and ending in the beginning of June. We also get together during the summer for the River Days Bike Parade and our annual membership drive!

Join today! New members are always welcome! We hope to see you at our next event!


Do I have to be a Rocky River resident to join?
No, while most of our members are residents, the organization is not restricted to Rocky River residents. We welcome members from the surrounding area.

How much are membership dues?
Annual membership dues are $35 per year and tax-deductible ($36.10, with a $1.10 PayPal fee) and increase to $40 per year after October 1st. This covers our National, State, and local PTA dues. The cost also covers PTA activities and expenses. As a non-profit organization, all revenues from fundraising activities and dues are used to cover expenses, including speakers for our general meetings, subsidizing outings costs for our members, group parties, and community service activities.

How many families are in the organization?
Currently, we have over 225 families in our organization.

Is this a "Mom’s group"?
No. We are not a "Mom’s group". While mostly mothers attend our meetings, we are open to anyone interested in activities for their children and bettering our community. Fathers, Grandparents, etc. are welcome to become involved and join! We offer Mom's night outs, Couple's nights, and family events. All activities can include parents, one parent, grandparents, etc. 

I work full time. Will I miss out on all the activities?
No. Our organization is diverse. Many members work part or full-time. While we do have a number of activities during the day, there are many activities scheduled during the evening and on weekends to accommodate all schedules. Our monthly meetings are held second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm, so it is more convenient for all members to attend. 

What happens at General Meetings?
General meetings are held to sign-up for events, socialize and hear a speaker on a topic of interest to our membership. Meetings can typically last last 1-2 hours depending on the speaker/program and what business needs to be conducted. Free babysitting is provided at the meeting (with a reservation). Also, attending at least four general meetings will fulfill an eligibility requirement for the Scholarship Drawing at the end of the year.

How is the RRECPTA organized?
The RRECPTA is affiliated with National and Ohio PTA. We follow PTA guidelines on how our organization is run. Members in good standing vote on issues involving the organization. Officers are nominated and voted on every year and form the executive committee. The Executive Committee includes: President, VP of Programs, VP of Parties, Treasurer, and Secretary. We also have several committee chair positions, including: community service, adult wellness, audits, website, newsletter, party chairs, and many more!

How many volunteer hours are required of members?
We don't require a designated number of hours. However, volunteering for at least two RRECPTA events (e.g. Auction, Kids Kloset, etc.) will fulfill an eligibility requirement for the Scholarship Drawing at the end of the year.

How do I report my volunteer hours?
At each meeting there is a sign-in sheet with a list of committees and acitvities. There, you will record the hours you worked at an RRECPTA function, attended an RRECPTA meetings, or worked on a committee. 

What type of activities do you offer parents and kids?
Check out our Event Calendar for a listing of our upcoming events. Our organization arranges special events geared toward the preschool age children with area business and community locations. We offer activities throughout the surrounding area.

Do I have to pay for all of the activities?
As an RRECPTA Member, you will be able to sign-up for field trips, parties, and events.  While many parties and events are paid for with your membership dues, field trips, adult wellness events, and special outings (e.g., Polar Express) require a separate payment at the time of sign-up. While we get special discounts on activities, our budget does not allow us to cover the cost of all activities.

What is the deadline for sign-ups?
Sign-ups for our events are all first-come, first-serve. You must pay at the time you sign-up to reserve your spot. Each event will have its own deadline for sign-up. However, sign-ups tend to fill up quickly.

I could not attend an activity. Can I get a refund?
Sorry, there are NO REFUNDS for activities. Many activities are priced based on participation. Sometimes we are required to give a number of people attending prior to the event.

Where could I get more information?
You may use our online contact form and someone will contact you. You are also welcome to check out one of our meetings